My Pride

After around 15 hours of work, just on this particular site, I was able to finish, my let’s say, pride. I have worked hard, somehow, to finish my website, make it look good, and have it optimized in many aspects, like monetizing, seo, and more. Just like I did on another site of main, all of its features are most likely the same, but the outcome this time is something different, something more special, it’s something personal.

Like I may have mentioned before, I love writing poems, I love poetry, I simply love it so much. Much enough, that I was able to come up with poetic notes; well, much enough to have me sticked on it to work until everything is finished. As for now, everything appears to be finish, which is one of the reasons, why I am not blogging that much anymore; here on my personal blog.

Finally, Poetic Notes v2 has launched, with a complete new design and a discussion forum which looks just the same like the blog. It took me some time to find a good theme and tweak it around, and it took me some time to even get the cookie stuff configured (which I still haven’t until now).

Well, I hope that you, my friends in the blogger world (and personal friends as well) would drop by over to and checkout the work that I have done, some comments there, and here would be very delightful and would be paid back in a You Comment, I follow basis.

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