Today, until Monday, I will be gone for a while, because I’ll be attending the fourth year retreat of my dearest section, Yakal which will last for three days. Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

During my absence, I don’t think that there’s anyone who will replace my position on the blog, and I doubt that there’s a need for any temporary replacement, since it’s only a three day absence. I’m looking forward to having a good time with my classmates and to know more about them during our retreat, I’m also pretty much excited but tensed as well about the letters that I will be receiving. I know that there will be a couple of incoming ones, I just don’t know how manny or how less those are.

So, until then, let me announce a short hiatus on my personal blog and wish me all the best in finding inner me and understanding my classmates better during our three day retreat. Let’s hope that this PWC managed event will be kicking off and going on much better than the latter ones.