My Summer ain’t worse!

I will try to make this as short as possible. Well, if you have noticed, I haven’t been really dropping any entrecards, nor have I posted much today on neither of my blogs. You might come to question me, why?

My Personal Computer at home just died. Well, I mean it. He just doesn’t wants to turn on! Probably, there’s something wrong with the CPU (not quiet obvious, huh?) It really sucks so much, summer is just about to start but my computer has just given up on me. It happened just this morning, as always, I worked on my computer until late night (early morning, rather). I haven’t slept the whole night through working on fixing my website and other sites, helping a couple with the transfer to wordpress 2.5.

I don’t know if I was able to fix the problem on my site, but this site of mine keeps on setting back to the default theme after some hours for some reason I just can’t figure out. I have started a competition, yeah, but apparently, no one is really interested in joining my competition >.< Nor may I really keep on promoting it with my computer not working. I wonder when I may fix my computer, or if my parents let it ever fix at all, which is probably the case at present.

Luckily, I have came to the idea to visit my aunt (from where I am writing right now) to access my sites and checkout on them; more or less I may not spend 2 hours on the  internet per-day, which is really some pain to me, since 2 hours are really not enough to drop cards for my 3 blogs that I have on entrecard, nor enough for me to bloghop and/or comment on my friends blogs, oh, and I almost forgot about  it, all that time is not even enough for me to write articles on all of my sites >.<

I wish that people would keep on dropping by here during my absence, I will try to go online daily at least for one or two hours to checkout on my sites and on my readers, most especially here on since my theme is quiet not working properly, just like I have mentioned above.

So that’s it guys, just a short little update about me, hope you’re all doing great, keep it going keep it poppin` =)

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