My Uncle’s last ride

This day is a day for mourning for a lot of my (extended) family members. My uncle, the husband of my mother’s sister is on his last trip to the grave.

He was the unfortunate victim of a hit and run accident that happened at the Diversion Road, here in Davao City two weeks ago.

You could speak about bad luck and unwillingness to listen to his wife all you want but it has happened already.

My aunt, the wife of the victim reveals that she insisted he should stay at home that afternoon. She told him that she had sort of a vision and had seen it coming way before the accident. He wouldn’t listen to her though and still get on the road with his motorcycle, unable to make it home alive.

My cousin speaks of an eerie feel to it that day. It seemed a bit awkward then, as my uncle asked my cousin to prepare neat flowers for him. It all made sense after the tragic call they received confirming the vision my aunt had.

I feel very sad for the children and grandchildren he has left behind. The incident may not have happened intentional but I truly condemn the actions of whoever managed to hit him on the road and flee from the scene.

My mother first thought about fighting for his right, bringing the issue to court and file a case – but she later on figured that a lot of money would be spent just to probably get justice about what happened.

People are joining by the hundredths on this day of mourning as we accompany him in his last trip home to endless peace. Friends, relatives, colleagues – the support of people who knew him is overwhelming.

My sentiments go out to everyone who is at loss by his passing – which includes myself as well. He has been one of those people one could rely on in most cases and someone who seemed truly helpful as shown by the support he is receiving in return right now.

My father may not have the most fond memory with him – the incident when he stormed to our place with a gun and urging us to tell where my mother is. Yet it’s not going to change the fact that, all in all, a great person is being joined on his final journey today.

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