Operation Link Ex!

During my absence from the online world (which was fairly around 40 hours long) I gathered some of my thoughts and planned stuff ahead for this week and the upcoming weeks. I do posses a lot of websites, like Pinoy Teens, Random Posts, Badits, Pederasyon (under the supervision of Izy Mae and Princess), this personal blog and more. Yes, you read correctly, and EVEN MORE! So, I really had to come up with a clean plan which I’d also be able to follow, since well, handling so many websites isn’t that easy for me, nor might that be easy for anyone else either.

To start, I know, as well most of you know that this personal blog of mine has been gifted a Page Rank of Importance level 2 (PR 2/10). Which is quiet good, and really something that I had not expected. The batchmate of my blog in reaching PR 2 was BADITS, which PR suddenly dropped to a big null. In order to keep my page rank and/or even get a better page rank on the next update, I came to the conclusion that I should prioritize on my incoming links. So, I’ve come to the decision to mark this week as the Operation Link Ex.

But well again, I have so many sites on process and  a lot of them who have some potential, but I really cannot take on all of them at the same time. So, I will start gathering link exchanges for my personal blog, pinoy teens and random posts. With the objective of maintaining a PR of 2, increasing to PR of 4 and having a PR of 3 News Blog, respectively. In order to achieve this goal this week, I have already started arranging my blog links and made a few exchanges already. With a lot coming soon (here on kevinpaquet.com). Additionally, starting wednesday, I will relative links for Pinoy Teens, and lastly some time on Saturday, I will proceed with my Project Random Posts.

As you can see, it will be a very busy time for me this week, in selecting and negotiating for link exchanges with fellow webmasters and bloggers. Which could result in my alexa ranking to move down a couple of steps, which should be enhanced next week, but that is yet another story to tell.

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