OUTCAST has been one of the best poems that I have written this year, 2008. It’s quiet the new rendition of Move On that I have posted recently here. The Poem comes from my 5th Batch of Releases, Realism, one of the season that I wasn’t really able to present to anyone, nor via the old poetry site of mine. Anyways, I hope you’ll enjoy, OUTCAST


Many times it had just happened
that all those scars were never mend..
Along with my state of being
fallen here near my life`s end…

Upon the heaven angels and the saints
I saw em all that moment..
But, may I meet them once again?
In spite my soul still suffers torment…

As fire ceases and I’m weakened
punished by this wicked cold..
As I never seemed contented
All I had since I grew old…

So complex yet thoughts so simple,
so disturbed and so annoyed..
Never seeing it that easy,
that my life has been destroyed…

Being blinded by my pride
I have faced my present fate..
I had all just out of sight,
and I realized it just too late…

Kevin Paquet Creations Season 5 – Realism
Copyright: Kevin Paquet Creations & Kevin Paquet
© 2005-2008


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