Beware of Typhoon Yolanda

An update about Typhoon Yolanda which is inching closer and closer to the Philippines. Typhoon Yolanda is a super typhoon with the international codename of Haiyan. The Philippines is to undergo yet another natural calamity. This time, all of Visayas (and probably other parts of the Philippines) are about to experience the wrath of the [...]

American sports events that you have to see

Australia has the State Of Origin and the UK has the Grand National, but it’s America that takes the cake for the grandest and most highly awaited sporting events in history. If you’re travelling to The States, here’s five of the best sports games that you must see at least once in your lifetime. Super [...]

5 Packing tips to ensure your valuables don’t break!

It is an almost universal law: no-one enjoys packing. It is tedious, tiring and often painstaking. And worst of all, if it is not done correctly you may get to your destination with broken valuables. If you are storing your goods in a storage facility, like Fort Knox Brisbane or a similar storage provider, it [...]

What to do With Yourself now You’ve Finished Your Degree

By Ethan Sagen Finishing university is exciting. It’s the light at the end of the tunnel – no more lectures, no more exams. Then the reality hits. Big decisions need to be made. There are a number of things you can do to prepare yourself after finishing your degree, and it’s not as hard as [...]

3 Unexpected Social Symptoms of a Smart-Phone Society

The humble hand-held mobile phone was once a weighty, difficult giant, requiring a strong-man team to lug a suitcase back and forth between appointments, collaborating with meteorologists and engineers to ensure working order. As technology caught up to ambition and the vision for a completely transportable conduit was realised, the mobile phone has become the [...]