working from home being a trend right now

The COVID-19 pandemic has rocked the global industry to its core. This Coronavirus outbreak brought the whole world to its knees and forced the closures of thousands of businesses not only in the Philippines but in the world at large. Thousands would still be a pretty generous understatement. For the most part, many online businesses and workers continued their life as usual. The transition from working office-based to working from home has become the new norm.

I’m not saying that we were unaffected by the virus, it just didn’t have a business breaking impact, that’s all. Sure, the drop shipping industry was hit hard with package delays and whatnot. But most of these establishment continued making a profit albeit not as big of a profit as was initially expected.

A lot of companies that were swift to roll out Work-From-Home measures during the early days of the COVID-19 Pandemic survived the onslaught, may of them came out stronger and better equipped than before. With minimum health standards such as Social Distancing in mind and the requirement of always wearing a mask, working in offices and meeting in person will never be the same again. But for online workers? It’s pretty much business as usual.

Here is where you come in. I understand, life has been tough on most of us. No, on all of us. The virus is just about to pick up pace here in our country because we have to open up our economy at some point. It’s scary to go out there and find a job. Not only for ourselves, but for the people in our homes that we might infect should we contract the virus while being out and about. Hence, working from home is the perfect solution to it all.

How much of an impact did the COVID19 Pandemic have on Online Workers?

For the most part, as I have pointed out, it didn’t affect us that hard. Some of our client’s businesses may have experienced a decline in revenue, but generally speaking, we still get to earn at the comfort of our homes.

One thing that I noticed, though, is that there is a surge of demand for finding a job online. I wouldn’t say that there’s a surplus of online workers yet, but I’d say that there’s definitely a spike in interest to work online.

It’s going to be a walk into the unknown for many of you, especially those who have yet to experience working from home. But rest assured that after the Webinar that you’ll join, you’ll be equipped to get started with working online.

I decided to host a number of Online Work 101 Webinars in order to guide people in the right direction. I understand how difficult it can be to get started when you’re not quite familiar yet with the concept of online work. I know that there will be predators out there just waiting for a gullible mind to fall for an online scam in the promise of earning a lot of money from the comfort of their homes. I’ll be with you every step of the way to clear it all out.

Start the journey to working from the comfort of your home

One thing that I have to emphasize, however, is that working online is not a walk in the park. It’s a proper job, a proper profession, for the most part. You have to take every job, every task that you undertake with utmost professionalism and responsibility.

More on that though, during our Webinar with me, Georg Kevin Paquet.

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