I have passed the ACAT or ACET

I’m delighted to share my blessings with you, well, I won’t be sharing anything in terms of money or other materialistic good, but just spreading the word that there is a high probability that I might belong to the elites of Davao, the Ateneo de Davao University again.

The ACAT/ACET that I took last April 22, 2009 was quite and headache and it has come to prove itself as I nervously opened the envelope containing the information whether I accepted to the Ateneo or not. Well, it was indeed now or never and today was really the day that showcased a slight lighter path for the future ahead of me.

My letter was marked with the strong words of, Notice of Conditional Acceptance, which leaves me no escape but to abide with the Office of Admission to agree to carry load of additional 3 Units for Mathematics during the first semester which I need to accomplish with a satisfactory grade to have my pro-b status lifted at the Ateneo de Davao.

I was accompanied by my former classmate from the Philippine Women’s College of Davao who also claimed his results earlier today, he took the examination on the same day like I did only that he was scheduled to be tested during the morning, while I was set to undergo the ACAT or ACET during the afternoon of that same day, 22 of April.

For some reason, I feel happy that I have slightly got one foot into Ateneo once again, but from another point of view, I believe that it got to be a stressful time for me, during the early weeks, or even months at Ateneo to pace myself with my former batch mates who are already ahead of me by an year, being Sophomores at the Ateneo de Davao College this coming June when classes start again.

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