PBB Clash: Villa House – My Tambayan!

My father, who’s a half German of some age (which makes him wise) has asked me how the Pinoy Big Brother Teens are behaving, and if all the effort that I have exerted on my blogs and on the Facebook Page for updates is worth it.  And I told him, that it was well worth is as both the readers, the fans, and I myself benefited from it.

He then repeated his first question, if how the teens were behaving. I actually wasn’t that serious about it, but when we started talking I realized something that I would not have, if we didn’t talk that moment. I told him:

The Villa People are great. They are so down to earth, they come from very simple lives. It is funny that some don’t even know how to use the Microwaves or Olive Oil.

My father interfered: “That’s life. There are people who don’t have what you have, or are not even close to your status in life. It is good to see them in the house, and have fun, a great chance for all of them.”

I almost cried as I continued talking: “There’s one among the girls who was so happy to have slept on a soft bed, or on a proper bed in general. It makes me feel so happy and special.” Not all people enjoy the lives that you (readers) and I have. Yung tipong pa browse browse lang sa net. You should be lucky with what you have, and if you want more, you should work for it to deserve getting more.

Look at the Villa Housemates. If you come to think of it, sleeping on a proper bed, using a microwave, getting good food, being able to relax and not worry about things, some, if not all of the few mentioned above is part of our lives already but we don’t really come to appreciate it.

I love the Villa, and will stay there and update you more about them there. Sila, ang talagang nagpakatotoo.

I hope you get my point 🙂

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