My emotions are a bit mixed about whether to be proud and have my chin up about the fact that I made it to face the PBB Director himself for a few moments, or whether I should be annoyed by the fact that it took me a few hours to get in front of his face for one little act that led to nowhere, but immediate elimination of any little flame of hope I had to join PBB. I’m not saying that I was expecting a nod to make to the next round, but it would not have hurt if I’d made it. For all I know, I’m not the only one who has not made it in the PBB Teen Clash of 2010 Davao Audition.

Macy, Beige, Jemwel

There have been a few points that I could cite as good, and other memories that I’d like to recall the least about. I have to say that I still ended up as a winner after all, because I was able to give my website a little exposure, and because I was able to make some instant friends, like Jemwel, Macy and Beige, for example.

The struggle to get in front wasn’t that fun at all, for most of the teens in attendance. People pushing you from left and right, from the front and the back. It’s as if you were squeezed into a small can of sardines wherein hundreds of you need to fit in. It has caused a huge delay, I believe, which resulted in most of the later batch, including yours truly to undergo a very quick screening process, unlike many others who had the chance to speak up in front of the Director; like seen on the local TV Patrol.

I wonder how I could have survived the torment that came in from every angle, every side every few moments. The four of us, the three in the picture and yours truly just sticked together and eventually found a way to make it to the front, after quite some time of falling in line whilst dozen entered somewhere in between, ahead of us. We had to help each other, and the motto “no one should be left behind” has contributed much. Hey, we barely knew each other that time, but moments like that call for trust in each other and the option to rely on the other person, which all of us four did.

Though, at the time of the very audition itself upstairs at SM City Davao’s Activity Center, we were split into two separate groups, joined by 18 other teenagers, of which 1 in each group has made it, excluding the four of us. It sucks, but it wasn’t that painful at all; unlike some others who whined after their chances for becoming a PBB housemate were withdrawn. We felt happy despite not making it. We had one another to have a laugh about what happened earlier that day. It was truly, a unique experience that does not come along too often in life.

I didn’t made it this time, and I probably won’t take the same ridiculous audition process again, at least I can say, that I have tried. Have you?

More to be posted on Pinoy Teens Online in a while.