Pinoy Teens acquires

And that I have to thank to the good host that I have! I immediately checked out whether was available or taken, as according to my prior search yesterday, the .com was the only taken one. I heard people saying they’d like to acquire and develop it into a website for him. I would like to be part of that crew, I thought, but, why not check out if the domain is available and buy it then?

And luckily was still available, and was not bought by the group of fans who planned developing it. Me, having my 2nd paypal account busted. (already reached the sending limit since I do not have any credit card), went like crazy, having in mind to send a message via yahoo messenger to ask a dollar or two to borrow from my friends, but no. I went over to my host, and told them all the story. And the outcome was indeed positive!

I am now in possession of, or let’s say PINOY TEENS ONLINE acquired, which I am very happy and proud of. First, I approached Phil, who redirected me to the sales department where I was able to have a lil chit chat with Velma. I told her the whole story, the bunch of financial problems that I am having with my unverified paypal accounts and so. And she then gave a little consideration, registered the domain for me, and it’s now in my account. Not only that, it comes with a whois privacy package too! So, you won’t even know that it is mine, but it is mine. If you would whois the domain name, you’d see the domain name server is identical to the Pinoy Teens Online one.

Sorry for everyone who has been dissapointed, sorry for all people that I have crossed along. :p Who would like to develop this domain into a website? I am just too lazy to do so, maybe you would like to! All you have to do, is add a comment here to be part of the development crew, I’ll soon hand the domain for public development, but still under my personal belongings and the property of Pinoy Teens Online.

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