Pinoy Teens Link Exchange Craze

Greetings all my loyal friends, affiliates and readers! I’m here to greet all of you a pleasant what so ever day time you have right now at your places. I would like to ask everyone of you, if you would like to affiliate with my other blog?

My other blog, like most of you know already is Pinoy Teens Online, and it is now looking for link exchanges and affiliates. Anyone of you could be an affiliate of me now. In soon time, I will redesign my sidebar, so that all links on will be visible at the root at the side bar, instead on a page. So do not worry, you will get some juice from the Page Rank 3 that my Pinoy Teens domain name has!

So, if you are interested to link exchange with me and my Pinoy Teens Online Blog, all that you have to do is add a comment to this article and do not forget to add Pinoy Teens to your blog roll already, so that I will add you up to, after I read your comment and check your blog for my link 🙂

Thank you very much guys!

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