I don’t know, but I feel really happy and satisfied about the redesign of my main site, Pinoy Teens Online! I know, it isn’t actually a total redesign, since I believe, a lot of you have already seen the website the way it looks right now before. But trust me, this something totally new. It isn’t the lame black design that you know from back then. I’ve added a lot of new features and made it look much better than it used to be as a default. Although, I might also tweak on the CSS and image files to make it look more livelier and offer it in different colors soon.

Code of page_mag.php

The current theme on the blog has been my very lucky charm. With that on, I never used to have any real problems with the blog. Income, which was later on invested into the hosting was good. The amount of visitors was decent and everything was really just in its proper place. And that is where it is heading to again.

2009 has been one of the top earning years for me, but not really one of the top blogging ones. I’ve used to be more active in 2008, when I started the blog and I’m looking forward to do just that again this year, being more active.

With the new design and the new features that I’ve added it will be much much easier for me and my fellow contributors to bring the discussion to you. More specific categories, and sub-pages where you can find everything that you want, need and is of your interest. Else, there’s still the search bar for emergency purposes. I’m very excited about the reintroduction of the discussion board that is going to happen in the next few weeks, and the tie-up with the various Youth Says Chapters spread all over the Philippines.

It’ll be a fruitful year for Pinoy Teens, even though we’ve started it a bit late. Hey, Chinese New Year is still ahead of us, so, we’re technically just about having a kick-ass 2010 on Pinoy Teens if we look it from a Chinese point of view.

Anyways, thanks for taking the time to read this post and for being a follower of Pinoy Teens Online. I won’t let you down, all of you.