Poetic Notes v2

A couple of my frequent readers may have come to notice that there have been a lot of changes in here, the beautiful red theme that I have once used here, is gone. Forever. A lot of my friends have been asking me about this, why I have changed the lovely colors of the blog, like it was before, and my answer was plain and simple, because I have to adopt to something different, I want to be more unique.

And apparently, this appears to be more unique for me. Additionally, one of the reasons why I did it was, to make the whole poeticnotes website compatible with each other, as you may notice, that the forum that I have added here looks exactly the same as the blog does.

I hope that these changes that took place don’t bother you further and that you would come to like it, as for me, I have adopted to it somehow; and am currently fixing some cookie/login issues, as I appear to not be able to login to the forum and blog at the same time @[email protected]

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