Today was quite an awesome day, even if I have missed the CISAT examination earlier this morning. I woke up at around 8 in the morning, took some time to read other blogs, read the online news and respond to comments left by my friends. Eventually at around 12:45 I went to school and arrived there well, late.

I entered the classroom for like a couple of minutes and was called to proceed to the Lobby for the picture taking of the Computer Club, after doing so, there was no chance that I could go back upstairs to my room since I had to attend the meeting and participate in the procedure for making tomorrow’s I.T Day a nice experience for everyone, by preparing the venue which is set to be the Cultural Pavilion of the Philippine Women’s College of Davao.

Our Club Moderator has prepared a little spot for me in the program, wherein I will host the closing remarks. Well, I really would’ve liked to pursue my talk about a couple of interesting matters that might be helpful and informative for the Students of the academe, but heck, our Principal gave us only a two-hour allotment, and that, between 10AM-12PM.

But let’s set those things aside for a while and go back to my day in school. All that I was useful about was to deliver the excuse letter to the classroom of the Canary Students who were in attendance and helped out preparing everything, whilst I also had to show a letter to my own teacher/s. 

Hmm.. One thing that comes into my mind while thinking about the few events that happened today is the “Foodcourt Thingy”. I accompanied my other club members, or should I say, the Canary Girls eating some snacks at around 2:45PM, and I lost 70 Pesos. Well, I did not really lost it, but it wasn’t me who made use of it, because they wanted that I should treat them a few bucks, a few bucks is not a problem, but they were more than three who wanted to have something.

Including a girl from the latter third year section, Dove. Do I really need to mention who she is? :p

At first, I thought she isn’t that friendly, but heck, I stood corrected that time she talked to me 🙂

That’s it, I’m too lazy to share more and I’ve still got a evening to overcome and may write a new post anytime soon here within this day or later at 1AM 😀 Anyways, here are a couple of badly taken random pictures for this very day.