Problem Socializing?

Definitely, I don’t have any problems socializing with my friends (anymore). I’ve patch up my holes, brought up a lil confident inside of me and spoke up to most of them, hey, can you be my friend?Kevin Paquet, emo..

In case you don’t know (which I’m really pretty much sure of), I used to be a loner in class, even in the whole school, yet this school year, things have altered, and I’m not that quiet boy next door anymore. I’ve been pretty much busy taking care of the server load problems that my main site has been facing, yet I also took pretty much care on the traffic that this website is getting bringing it back to the 500,000 border of Alexa.

So, for a little change, I’d like to share a couple of pictures I got from class 😀 Just a few random shots here!

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