The Travel Teller

Chronicles of the Travel Teller

The Travel Teller

The first site of Pinoy Teens VIP √ that really found its way to success.

The Travel Teller is one of the most popular Travel Blogs not only in Davao City, but the whole Philippines. Even the Travel Teller, despite its rampaging success had its humble beginnings though.

The blog, authored by former Davao Bloggers Society, Inc Vice President Olan Emboscado started humbly in 2011. Slowly but surely, it started rising to fame. Most credit of course, goes to the blogger behind the scene – but even us have always had a piece of the cake. Why? Because The Travel Teller is powered by Pinoy Teens VIP and Paquet Media.

Services Availed:

  • Web Design
  • WordPress Installation
  • WordPress Optimization
  • WordPress Hosting
  • Website Management

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