Poetic Notes has experienced a rollback of posts and comments rercently, due to the hosting switch that I have made. I had no other choice but to leave my old hosting because of high server load. I’m using identical plugins plus identical databases right now on my present host, but there seems nothing wrong, all 3 websites are online, fast and running.

There have been a couple of posts missing now, I don’t know if I come to re-write them all, but well, let’s see. I’d like to apologize for the inconvinience brought by this downtime that I have experienced and this rollback, you, my readers are going through. Everything is fine now (and I hope will remain fine) so, there’s nothing much to worry about.

My present hosting is a little bit limited, I can only host up to 5 domains along with my root domain that I have with this hosting account, it’s not really much, but at least the 5 major websites can be pulled online. After all, Poetic Notes won’t last too long on this paid hosting server as I’ve come to the decision to move Poetic Notes to WordPress.Com hosting, I’ll just map it up with one of my accounts there.

I might not use SEOptimizing plugins, but at least, I believe that I can be discovered there, somehow. ’cause indeed I know, that WordPress.Com has this cool tagging surfer, which enables people of my taste reach me, and me reach them. Additionally, it really would take off a lot of server load here, but not only that, it would also give one vacant slot for the domains that I am allowed into this account, which is very vital to host another site of mine.

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