Rona Libby [dot] Com launched

I’ve thrown away all my projects for an emergency launch of Rona Libby [dot] Com. I’ve been newly paid from one of my paid-per-post services that I have been using, and from yet another paid per post which summed up 50 US Dollar exactly.

For days now, I’ve planned to buy a site labeled with one of the housemates names, my original idea was to buy which is taken already 🙁 So, instead of becoming a secondary .net of robidomingo, I have bought Rona Libby [dot] Com and have launched her website just a couple of minutes ago with around 50 unique visits already :p (have been promoting it a bit around the multiply sphere).

But guys, that’s not the only website that I am working on, I am also trying to create a website for nicole, which can be found on, but isn’t launched yet. but soon :p

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