I recently received some feedback of few of my readers why I am not updating my blogs anymore, hey, I’ve got an life aside from my online life; the real world. Especially now that I’m having a girl friend who gets most of my attention 🙂 Anyways, this is just a little Sunday update on the things that have happened here around since my last real update and a few things that I have launched just a few hours ago.

Let me start with the Pinoy Teens in Photos Website which will be discontinued for some reasons (ohh, how sad), I just find it unnecessary to create a Photo Blog right now since I am having my Flickr Account which hasn’t been used that much lately. But maybe, I’ll be into updating the Photo Site every now and then with a few cool shots that I can come up with or other interesting pictures that I find on the internet.

Speaking about my sub blogs, starting tomorrow, you can join me lesson per lesson that I am taking up in school as I will keep you up-to-date with my lesson plans and notes for this fourth and final quarter onwards, that on my educational website. Of course, I’ll try to cater the needs of not only the graduating high school students for this school year, but surely I’ll try to extend my content to cover all of those who are up for some knowledge.

Sure this is not everything that I have recently created, there’s a new blog for WordPress Stuff written by yours truly. Some might wonder why I have decided to write a WordPress related blog, even if there are tons existing right now, but my simple response is, “let’s take WordPress from a Teenage eyes’ point of view”, and set aside the professional stuff that concerns blogging and WordPress.

Now, what will happen to the content of Pinoy Teens Online? You might ask, the blog will become more like a total resource for everything. Aggregated posts from the educational site, from the photo site, and even from the WordPress Site, and of course, manually written showbiz buzzers and other cool updates. I’ll also be introducing a few new writers and probably a Journal where Teens can write whatever they feel to share with the world, which will also be aggregated over to the main blog.

Which means that all subscribers from the Pinoy Teens Online Newsletter are getting all the juicy updates of whatever I have come up with on Notepad, Wordpad or whatever virtual writing material.

It sounds pretty much of a promotion and indeed it is, like I am always doing. Pinoy Teens is getting better and better as I am getting older and older and look for another niche or should I say, concept to be developing on. That’s why I have prepared myself a domain name Student Blogger dot Net which will be launched in March 2009, and may hopefully get as far or even farther than Pinoy Teens in 2008.

Oh well, I have been blabbering too much about my websites that I forgot to share about my personal life. I’ve got a few more hours today left to do so. Just stick around and await my second post for this day later on this evening, probably.