Social Networth Day 1

Hi there.

I don’t know. But I just feel like I need to get something posted on my personal blog right now.

If you have been following Pinoy Teens’ twitter account you might already know that I am here in Manila right now for the Social Networth Media Workshop organized by Mulat Pinoy.

Everything seems to be going on absolutely perfect if we see it from the point of view on how the workshop has been progressing but from a more personal perspective, it isn’t quiet as how I had figured it out.

There’s this trait of me again, you could call it shyness or whatever but I’m just not able to make friends during the day – and here I am stuck in the room with no one but myself. I just don’t know how to jump in on the fun my two roommates have at the moment.

YET BEFORE THIS ENDS UP LIKE JUST ANOTHER PESSIMISTIC WRITE UP… let’s go back to the lighter side of things.

The morning of the whole event started out really well, we learned to know each other in some very unique ways. We also managed to set our expectations from this workshop and get familiarize ourselves with everything Popdev related. We even had a few distinguished guest speakers who are pretty well exposed to the social media world to guide us through then basics and show us a glimpse of how he huge social or new media world is going to look like.

We had Ana Santos (@dash_of_sas), Alvin Dakis (@alvindakis) and Gregg Yan from the Wwf-Philippines who shared with us their knowledge and opinions.

Geez. There’s so much more that I want to share with you buy my little iPod touch is t really helping at the moment. – this is where I am writing this post and a few others that I need to have done before a certain deadline. Kasi nga naiwan si MacBook Pro sa Davao.

Anyways. I shall get back with you with more once I get back to Davao or later when I have managed to secure some batteries for my keyboards whose batteries have run dry.

Lastly. I really hope that I could make some friends tomorrow. I really feel very awkward and shy. Ewan ko na. I just really suck in something I shouldn’t knowing the field (social media) I am in – making friends and dealing with people.

Just stay tuned and follow our twitter account @teensmedia

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