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Ciao MBS5 :(

It’s quite hard for me to find the right words about what has happened, but let me get it straight to the point first… I’m not attending the Mindanao Bloggers Summit 2011 in Iligan. I know, I know… I’ve confirmed several times, even registered way ahead of the event… but things just didn’t work out the way I wanted and the way I’ve planned them.

My parents, particularly my mother disliked the idea of me traveling out of town. She’s scared because of all the hype we see on television that war is going on in Mindanao. Aside from that, my father (who had a stroke attack back in June) also dislikes the idea to travel out of town at the moment. We’re also very low on money. Even the Pinoy Teens’ funds is low on money. It’d be a terrible idea if I’d borrow some when I still have a  few payments due by the end of this month, right?

One of my sponsors for the month has backed out because they’ve got in trouble financially, too; and that really nailed MBS5 for me.

I was so excited, so eager to make it, but I was left with the ultimate decision by my parents… It’s going to be either BlogFest 2011 to which I travel with Princess Salan or the Mindanao Bloggers Summit.

Believe me, it was a tough choice to make, but reassessing our present situation and financial status of my parents [they are building a house], I just had to back out. We all have to make sacrifices sometimes!

I don’t know why I bothered writing this… but thanks to those who bothered to read it. I’m sorry for whoever expected me there. </3 Kitakits nalang sa BlogFest because that’s the blogging event of the year that I’m not gonna pass out on!

ps: I’m still looking forward to a press release of the event so I can still write about it 🙂

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Goodbye MBS 3

It is not official yet, but it is highly improbable but not impossible that I can’t make it to this years Mindanao Blogger Summit to be held in Cagayan de Oro this coming October 24. Lots of barriers are hindering me to make it, and a few issues add insult to injury to what’s already happening right now.

First and foremost, I noted that my hosting bills are way overdue, but thanks to my very kind host, they’ve disabled automatic suspension until the 20th of October, which is still, way off the date I’ll claim my Adsense Payout which is at the rear end of this month.

My girlfriend, eventually borrowed a bit money from a blogger friend I know good for the good cause of letting me watch one of my local crushes’ concert at the Holy Cross of Davao; and it looks like I need to aid her in paying the debt away. I also need to pay something of my own doings, if you can still recall my journey to Legaspi midway 2009.

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WordCamp Davao 2009 knocks on the door

WordCamp Davao 2009 is knocking on the door again, for the second year ever, after its South East Asian debut in 2008. WordCamp is arguably the number one blogging event to attend world wide. Organized by group of bloggers in a certain country/area. The historic event in the Philippines was hosted by the DLSCSB Community in their campus, in Manila. It was the first ever South East Asian WordCamp at was attended by Mister WordCamp himself, Matt Mullenweg.

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