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“Go lang ng go” sa Davao Bloggers Christmas Party Handog ng Globe!

True, Christmas is still way over a month ahead of us, yet it was no excuse for Globe to host a small party for the hyperactive blogging community of Davao City last November 10, 2011.

The party was certainly one of the most memorable events that happened in my adventurous blogging journey this year. Not just because it was hosted by Globe, not just because it was only hosted for the active blogging community of Davao, but because of everyone who was present at the said affair.

Matagal tagal ko na rin hindi nakikita sina Lyle Santos, Winston and co. sa isang okasyon na hind tungkol sa launching ng isang bagong produkto o di kaya sa isang preskon… It felt good to be with like minded people and be away from my Mac. I have never laughed so naturally, so carelessly and freely in a long time. In other words, I started enjoying being a blogger again, isn’t that what using Globe is all about? Enjoying the life and have it the way you want it to be? ūüôā

Renz, Karla, Natalie, Anj, Kuya Olan, Richard and Princess accompanied me on the table where I sat… and we’ve definitely been the loudest group of the 3 tables full of bloggers. We talked about various issues that were circulating around the web, exchanged a few ideas about our Davao Bloggers Christmas Party and of course, had a ton of fun while doing that. Tamang tama lang at nababawasan ang stress ko ngayon dahil dito.

Everything was right that evening, from the food we got a the Probinsya (which is located near Victoria Plaza) to the fun games and raffle draws.

The whole blogger group was invited to get close and seat near the center of the activity room. Our hosted asked us to count off 1 – 3. I belonged to group 1 which later on ended up with the third place. It may sound cool, but since there have been only 3 groups, getting third isn’t really that cool. :p

We had a quiz-style game. Our group has left a lot of points behind carelessly, answering supposed to be easy questions with far off answers like answering the question Where was A. Einstein born? with Israel instead of the more obvious and correct answer, Germany.

Pero hindi kami papatalo noh! the first round may have turned to be in favor of the other two groups, but it didn’t mean we weren’t competitive throughout the game. One of our members was even lucky enough to win a X2 in the first raffle draw of Globe.

Admittedly, the second round also didn’t ended up the way we expected it to be and I was pretty much helpless because I couldn’t relate to most, if not all of the questions given – but it was really a lot of fun.

Someone from the 3rd group then emerged as winner for the iPhone 3GS raffle draw.

It was ’round the 3rd part of the quiz when we excelled and closed in to the competition from table 3. We got as close as 1 point behind the leaders and 3 ahead of the second table.

Karla & Anj from Davao Bloggers - Princess & Kevin from Pinoy Teens

Yet we failed to keep the momentum going and ended up with a wimpy third, but of course not empty handed.

It’s all about Teamwork

The word teamwork has popped up every now and then throughout the evening. And it has really got me thinking. I remember the host saying that Globe is also exercising a good practice of teamwork across the large community they have. The games also proved to be that it a one-man show isn’t going to cut it because everyone was able to chime in something at some point… It was the effort of the team as ¬†a whole that mattered at the end. And I believe that it was the effort of all the bloggers from this City that has earned the recognition of Globe to have such affair planned for us.

There’s more to come from Globe

People from Davao should be pretty excited and are probably really lucky about what Globe is planning for Davao City in the coming weeks. Like I’ve noted several times across some of my blogs… Davao has always been special to Globe, and the SUPERLAHAT20 Promo is the most solid proof of that. Yet there’s more, way more to come. Not only for the Mobile Users, but for people who are using other Globe services as well. I’m so excited about the slightly speedier internet¬†from Globe¬†since I have been a subscriber of their broadband service for several years already. ūüôā

Don’t worry readers of Pinoy Teens. We’ll provide you with all the updates you want and need to read about Globe and their future plans. Dito ako nagsisimulang mag-iinternet¬†and

Today, we’re a little closer in going all-Globe at Pinoy Teens, so, go lang ng go!**

Congratulations to Crislyn for winning an iPad 2!

**We are planning on something Globe related.

Photo Courtesy of Koya Andrew (ata) :p

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Mindanao Bloggers Christmas Party Update

I’ve been writing about the Mindanao Bloggers Christmas Party a while back and it seems like it didn’ really caught anyones attention. Anyway, the Christmas Party is set for tomorrow, the 27th of December and I’ve got a little problem here right now. I don’t really know what I should give as an exchange gift for the Kris Kringle. I do have decent amount to buy something but being clueless whether or not the one that I’ll draw is a male or female, it appears to be quiet difficult for me to think of something, I’m not really the best in picking gifts.

I’ve been inviting some of my friends to the Mindanao Bloggers Christmas Party, and some of them have confirmed whether to be present or absent on the said event, while there have also been a few who still have to check their schedule and see if the Chritmas Party fits in. It’s good to know that I’ll be able to see friends that have accompanied me for quiet some time in the blogging world. So, if in case you are in the Davao City area tomorrow, and have some vacant time from 8pm onwards until midnight, then you could come and accompany us in celebrating this holiday season together with fellow Mindanao Bloggers; even if you’re not a blogger, but one of my readers, you’re very welcome to attend as this Christmas Party is open to everyone.

The party will be held at the¬†World Palace KTV, last but not the least, you’re set to go provided¬†that you’ve got a hundred and fifty pesos for the food, and as well as let’s say a gift of 150 and above for the exchange gift, that’s what my friend Charles has told me, but he isn’t sure anyway. See you there and hope that we’ll have a lot of time and a worthwhile bonding moment with bloggers away from our blogs.

Mabuhay Mindanao Bloggers!