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Just Have Faith

I don’t know. But earlier this evening, when I was on my way home I had a very strange feeling. Well, a strange feeling that I always have had since I started researching about things like Illuminati and the likes. I’m sure, I’m not the only one. People may consider us being paranoid, but we surely ain’t be. Probably most of you are just blinded to see the truth. But that’s not the point of this article, that’s not what i wish to discuss here, but the sort of weird event that took place.

No Man Is An Island

And it’s a fact that no man is an Island. But have you asked yourself what to do whenever you’d be left alone by your friends and loved ones? I’m sure. That all the people you trust can be counted upon and that they’ll be with you for as long as possible. But they won’t be around forever. The time will come that you need to walk your own way and make your own choices. We might still know each other and communicate. But when the day comes, that we both meet the common foe, 666; it’s up to you whether to follow or to refuse. No one will decide for you, but you alone.

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