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Better now or Never

There’s no doubt that I would agree with everyone who would slap me in the face with the words that “You’re not following your advocacy anymore”, and “that your writing style looks forced and specialized for SEO; there’s no sense in reading them anymore”. I won’t correct you by anymeans for those words that have somehow englightened me.

It’s better now or never that I change that attitude back to the old blogger being that I have been, the harmless Teenage Blogger blogging from Davao City, Philippines, about stuff he would like to share, unaware from all the worries of ranking in search engines, earning money, Technorati Rank and more. It’s been these kind of stuff that has really entangled me into this never ending mind bugging game on how to get things going again, which never really alloted me to take action. But that shall alter from this day on, with three of the sub-domain blogs ready for blogging, and almost all of them already claimed at Technorati, there’s no reason to stop blogging now and start blogging the way I have started it a year ago.

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