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A Week Away, yet Way To Go

It’s official. I’ve been off the mark in the blogging world for exactly a week and a day, I have not written any post since the Easter Sunday Mass article that I wrote on my Entertainment Website about a week ago, and it has really hurt my traffic by some means.


I was instead indulging myself playing Online Games, enjoying a couple of rounds of Dota with Friends here at home, playing FIFA 08 (sorry, that’s all my Laptop can TAKE) and of course a few ball games on the NBA that my Laptop is carrying with it. For the mean time, it was awesome but at the long end of the enjoyment I realized that I did not benefit even a cent out of my doings and thought to get things started again.

I seriously need to stand my words, especially the words that I have uttered way back that blogging was something that I considered a hobby or passion, it has recently becoming my work, headache and chore here at home. As for due a whole week, I was not able to nail any article down. But I never had my eyes turned away from this problematic situation that I am in; it always played as the background noise of my mind how to revive my long-dead-blogs. And I have finally come to a solution, which is just continue blogging and go the happy-go-lucky way, just the route I took exactly an year ago during my stellar performance in the blogoshpere, local, or international.

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