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Busy Bloggers at Bo’s

The bloggers in attendance at the pre-Bloggers Summit Day are namely, Dulce, Lyle, Angel, Charles, Jim and Faust. Of course, yours truly was also present there. I was a little bit bored and held on to my pocket money the best I could but eventually ended up spending fourth of a thousand pesos on a piece of cake and some distasteful coffee, I so miss Davao City’s Kangaroo!!

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Goodbye MBS 3

It is not official yet, but it is highly improbable but not impossible that I can’t make it to this years Mindanao Blogger Summit to be held in Cagayan de Oro this coming October 24. Lots of barriers are hindering me to make it, and a few issues add insult to injury to what’s already happening right now.

First and foremost, I noted that my hosting bills are way overdue, but thanks to my very kind host, they’ve disabled automatic suspension until the 20th of October, which is still, way off the date I’ll claim my Adsense Payout which is at the rear end of this month.

My girlfriend, eventually borrowed a bit money from a blogger friend I know good for the good cause of letting me watch one of my local crushes’ concert at the Holy Cross of Davao; and it looks like I need to aid her in paying the debt away. I also need to pay something of my own doings, if you can still recall my journey to Legaspi midway 2009.

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