Still space for a return to blogging?

I’ve put promises left and right. I tried to motivate myself and my fellow writers by leaving strong words whenever I had the chance to grasp them and utilize them on any of the blogs we command. But, is there really any space to return to blogging? For me? For my fellow Pinoy Teens Contributors? […]

Test post with iA Writer

I guess it’s about time I’ve found my way back into writing something. I’ve literally spent the last couple of days doing pretty much nothing. It felt like I had another burn out. Why? I don’t know. There are a lot of things that I am very excited about right now. Lots in store for […]

On BlogFest 2.0 and Philippine Blog Awards

Last weekend must have been the most exciting and fun weekend I’ve ever had in recent memory. I was one of over hundred bloggers from all over the archipelago who attended BlogFest 2.0 in General Santos City. One word, epic… It was simply epic. I’ve not only enjoined company from fellow Davao Bloggers and fellow […]