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The rebirth of Neo and the New NEO Edge

I was lucky to be one of the few to be invited by Blogie to attend the launch of NEO Edge here in Davao City. The so-called invasion of NEO not only in the netbook or notebook category, but as well as the ULV classes of laptops.

The event was scheduled to kick off at eleven, other people from various media organizations arrived a bit late and so did the schedule started a bit late. Two of my other friends in the blogoshere, Charles Ortiz and Ria Jose were already at the said venue, just a few minutes ahead of me.

Blogie eventually arrived just a few minutes after my arrival. Before we tackled NEO and what kind of laptops they have to offer for everyone of us, we started by eating 🙂 And I have to say that it was one of the best lunches that I had, if there was a bad one ever (which I can hardly recall).

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