We can not have everything in life

I don’t know what was going on, I don’tknow what went wrong, all I know is that I have literally, totally messed up. I wasn’t able to succeed in letting Four Yakal be proud of me, winning the Visual Basic Competition in school, because I was only able to take the second slot. The V.B […]

A Huge Changing Week

I feel confident about the coming week, the week wherein everything will change into a positive way, I just don’t know how, but all I know that there will be major changes going on, in my writing style, with my three active blogs (you’ll know pretty soon which blogs will be my active ones) and […]

Mr Almighty went too far!

We write the year 2008, the eleventh month of the year, wherein on a lone Saturday Afternoon, I’ve lost my friendship, trust and everything else in relation to one of my closest friends in school (from my view). And there is no turning back, no undo button to rewind the incident that caused this trouble, […]