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Taking on WordPress at Software Freedom Day 2011

I’m very happy to announce that I’ll be part of the exceptional lineup of speakers at the Ateneo de Davao University edition of this year’s Software Freedom Day 2011.

Software Freedom Day will happen on a Saturday, September 17, 2011 at the 6th Floor of the Finster Hall, at the Ateneo de Davao University’s Computer Studies Division. SFD is a celebration of free and open source software (foss) which is simultaneously going on all over the world.

It’s nothing new for me to talk during Software Freedom Day, more so, talk about WordPress. This is going to be my 3rd session about my favorite blogging tool in the span of 4 years (I missed SFD 2010)

Anyway, I’m very happy to tell you that I’ll be giving away a decent number of domain names during my talk… add to that 1 year hosting courtesy of my kind hosting provider, too.

One thing that makes me feel a bit tensed and confused though is that I’m not sure what kind of people I’ll have to engage with.. Will it be those geeks who already know most about WordPress? Bloggers who started at BlogSpot? People interested in getting started with WordPress?

It’s really hard to figure that one out before I have them before me. That’s why I broadened the scope of my 1 hour slot to talk not only about the basics of WordPress but to extend beyond the out of the box functions.

WordPress Basics and Beyond – Student Blogger Edition

I have the gut feel that I’m surely not the only one who opted to name his talk like such, but I see no better fit to it. This is what I plan to cover during my talk at the Ateneo de Davao University:

  • WordPress Fundamental
    • Background of WordPress
    • Looking back at 2.x – 3.1
  • Installing WordPress
    • cPanel 1-click Installer
    • Manual Install
  • WordPress Basics
    • The WordPress Dashboard
    • Write Page
    • Posts Area
    • Pages Area
    • Comments Area
    • Settings Run Through
    • Appearance
      • Widget fiddling
  • WordPress for the above average Joe
    • Lucky 7
      • 7 Favorite Free Themes
      • 7 Must Have Plugins
      • 7 Things to Check
    • WordPress as CMS
      • Custom Menus
      • CMS-type Themes
    • Making WordPress Faster
      • The Fast Five Plugins
  • WordPress Beyond
    • WordPress Help
      • Codex
      • WPBeginner
      • WPRecipes
    • WordPress Themes
      • PaddSolutions
      • Theme Repository
      • Elegant Themes
      • Studio Press
      • WooThemes
    • WordPress Communities
      • WPTavern
      • Weblogtoolscollection
      • WPCandy
    • WordPress Hosting
      • Eleven2
      • Dreamhost
      • Bluehost
  • (if time allows) Blogging and the Blogger
    • Why do you blog?
    • Blogging Ethics
    • SEO Basics
  • GIVEAWAY Portion
    • 1 x 1 year domain + hosting
    • 3 x 1 year WordPress hosting
    • 4 x 1 domain
Note: Final presentation flow may be different subject to no prior notice. It looks like a heck long talk for an hour, but most of them are just one slide – one liners. Especially the one in the WordPress beyond section.
I’d  like to thank Eleven2 Web HostingThe Travel Teller, Abdul Hakeem, Scolex PortalTEES.PHAlohagems Online and, Tech at Hand for the domain and hosting giveaways!
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The Geeky Sunday

Just a few hours ago, two blogging friends of mine dropped by at my house for an afternoon of adventure to the darkest and tempest midst of WordPress and SEO. Charles, who was the mastermind of this mini-meet, has asked help to tweak around his themes on some of his sites, while Patrik, a true blue atenean, accompanied us along. Completing the trio for the afternoon.

There isn’t much to share, because we haven’t talked that much about anything useful, but my father, who kept on bombarding Charles with gossips of all kinds, present and past issues and even beyond that context. Before the little mini-meet, I was quite tensed, because a lot of people where on the tentative list of attendees, Lyle, Brendel, Ghenessa, Miah and Ara. Yet only two among all of those listed have made it, just as mentioned above.

I was worried about food, because I had nothing to offer them, since I was unable to grab some goodies the other day because I was totally not in right status, mentally, physically and simply from every aspect. How would you feel after taking down 5 cups of Gilbeys Gin with a minimal amount of Grape Juice and 2 cups of pure Gilbey’s Gin? I had such an hangover that even lasts until the present moment I’m writing this post.

We had all much in common, and had a couple of interesting topics to discuss (anu ba talaga, nonsense or interesting? hehe) including the issue of Conrad Miguel’s Infamous Feedburner Subscriber Count (which someone has said to be true daw kunuhay!), which isn’t 133K at the moment, but just small 133 subscribers.

Next we moved on, differentiating WordPress from Blogspot (I really hate blogspot) and WordPress.Com from WordPress.Org since a couple of casual missunderstandings came up, like for example. Why adsense isn’t allowed on WordPress, wherein Patrik refered to WordPress in general, while we all good know that only WordPress.Com is the culprit that doesn’t allow own advertisments or any JavaScript at all.

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