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Taking on WordPress at Software Freedom Day 2011

I’m very happy to announce that I’ll be part of the exceptional lineup of speakers at the Ateneo de Davao University edition of this year’s Software Freedom Day 2011.

Software Freedom Day will happen on a Saturday, September 17, 2011 at the 6th Floor of the Finster Hall, at the Ateneo de Davao University’s Computer Studies Division. SFD is a celebration of free and open source software (foss) which is simultaneously going on all over the world.

It’s nothing new for me to talk during Software Freedom Day, more so, talk about WordPress. This is going to be my 3rd session about my favorite blogging tool in the span of 4 years (I missed SFD 2010)

Anyway, I’m very happy to tell you that I’ll be giving away a decent number of domain names during my talk… add to that 1 year hosting courtesy of my kind hosting provider, too.

One thing that makes me feel a bit tensed and confused though is that I’m not sure what kind of people I’ll have to engage with.. Will it be those geeks who already know most about WordPress? Bloggers who started at BlogSpot? People interested in getting started with WordPress?

It’s really hard to figure that one out before I have them before me. That’s why I broadened the scope of my 1 hour slot to talk not only about the basics of WordPress but to extend beyond the out of the box functions.

WordPress Basics and Beyond – Student Blogger Edition

I have the gut feel that I’m surely not the only one who opted to name his talk like such, but I see no better fit to it. This is what I plan to cover during my talk at the Ateneo de Davao University:

  • WordPress Fundamental
    • Background of WordPress
    • Looking back at 2.x – 3.1
  • Installing WordPress
    • cPanel 1-click Installer
    • Manual Install
  • WordPress Basics
    • The WordPress Dashboard
    • Write Page
    • Posts Area
    • Pages Area
    • Comments Area
    • Settings Run Through
    • Appearance
      • Widget fiddling
  • WordPress for the above average Joe
    • Lucky 7
      • 7 Favorite Free Themes
      • 7 Must Have Plugins
      • 7 Things to Check
    • WordPress as CMS
      • Custom Menus
      • CMS-type Themes
    • Making WordPress Faster
      • The Fast Five Plugins
  • WordPress Beyond
    • WordPress Help
      • Codex
      • WPBeginner
      • WPRecipes
    • WordPress Themes
      • PaddSolutions
      • Theme Repository
      • Elegant Themes
      • Studio Press
      • WooThemes
    • WordPress Communities
      • WPTavern
      • Weblogtoolscollection
      • WPCandy
    • WordPress Hosting
      • Eleven2
      • Dreamhost
      • Bluehost
  • (if time allows) Blogging and the Blogger
    • Why do you blog?
    • Blogging Ethics
    • SEO Basics
  • GIVEAWAY Portion
    • 1 x 1 year domain + hosting
    • 3 x 1 year WordPress hosting
    • 4 x 1 domain
Note: Final presentation flow may be different subject to no prior notice. It looks like a heck long talk for an hour, but most of them are just one slide – one liners. Especially the one in the WordPress beyond section.
I’d  like to thank Eleven2 Web HostingThe Travel Teller, Abdul Hakeem, Scolex PortalTEES.PHAlohagems Online and, Tech at Hand for the domain and hosting giveaways!
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Pinoy Teens Rev 3.2

I don’t know, but I feel really happy and satisfied about the redesign of my main site, Pinoy Teens Online! I know, it isn’t actually a total redesign, since I believe, a lot of you have already seen the website the way it looks right now before. But trust me, this something totally new. It isn’t the lame black design that you know from back then. I’ve added a lot of new features and made it look much better than it used to be as a default. Although, I might also tweak on the CSS and image files to make it look more livelier and offer it in different colors soon.

Code of page_mag.php

The current theme on the blog has been my very lucky charm. With that on, I never used to have any real problems with the blog. Income, which was later on invested into the hosting was good. The amount of visitors was decent and everything was really just in its proper place. And that is where it is heading to again.

2009 has been one of the top earning years for me, but not really one of the top blogging ones. I’ve used to be more active in 2008, when I started the blog and I’m looking forward to do just that again this year, being more active.

With the new design and the new features that I’ve added it will be much much easier for me and my fellow contributors to bring the discussion to you. More specific categories, and sub-pages where you can find everything that you want, need and is of your interest. Else, there’s still the search bar for emergency purposes. I’m very excited about the reintroduction of the discussion board that is going to happen in the next few weeks, and the tie-up with the various Youth Says Chapters spread all over the Philippines.

It’ll be a fruitful year for Pinoy Teens, even though we’ve started it a bit late. Hey, Chinese New Year is still ahead of us, so, we’re technically just about having a kick-ass 2010 on Pinoy Teens if we look it from a Chinese point of view.

Anyways, thanks for taking the time to read this post and for being a follower of Pinoy Teens Online. I won’t let you down, all of you.

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Sub Sites are ready :)

The sub sides that I have been blabbering about update after update are ready to be written on very soon, and that soon might already be tomorrow. There are just a few issues that I am facing in starting this blogs off. Like for example, how to have them listed within the Pinoy Teens Blog without being index by Google to avoid duplicated content problems, how to drive traffic to them without any physical effort needed (like Entrecards or so). And lastly, how often I will be able to update the blogs and what content to write on them.

But really, this is the least that I should be concerned about. My girl friend is supposed to be coming over today, just like she has promised to do so yesterday and the other day but failed. Will she keep me hanging one more time? Looks like this love isn’t really that lovely or is it really just a coincidence that both of us are a bit busy lately?

Speaking about being busy I pretty well know one who is, and that is the theme designer of Elegant Themes who has rolled out a second batch of updates for his themes including a new addition to his gallery which will be the theme that one of the three new sub sites of mine will be using. It’s Basic, his latest theme. Though, I’m really looking forward to a new batch of updates coming from Nick in the next couple of days for the other themes that are yet to be redesigned and for the theme that he has announced back in 2008 to be released soon.

I’m right now a bit confused on what to do that’s why I decided to post a blog article on my personal blog to address a few issues here and let go of my weary feeling. Although I may not really consider this a s something weary, but somehow it is, for the fact that Brian Gardner has been one of my favorite theme designers, which isn’t the case anymore. It looks like the Revolution Two Series has gone premium and the present themes there are not available for download anymore, I’ve got a few bloggers discussing that issue on Plurk and we’ve eventually found a download link for most of the available themes there.

Some consider it as Piracy, others say that it’s okay to share those themes that come from Revolution Two and I’m one of them who agrees that we are still able to share those themes since they have been published under the GPL.

That would be all that is concerning me at this very moment, I’ll be keeping you updated about other things as soon as I feel it’s needed to be written down.

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A Huge Changing Week

I feel confident about the coming week, the week wherein everything will change into a positive way, I just don’t know how, but all I know that there will be major changes going on, in my writing style, with my three active blogs (you’ll know pretty soon which blogs will be my active ones) and of course, from the educational side of things.

My grades will keep on dropping and there will be no ending; the issues that are keeping my mind crowded with whatever I could think of are just piling up, and the only escape that I know right now is blogging, and editing my themes. I just don’t know what else I could do to get rid of this feeling that I have inside right now. No, it’s not Leslie, a good friend of mine who is bugging my mind, it’s my girlfriend who does; or should I say ex girlfriend? Continue reading A Huge Changing Week