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My Retreat pre-post

Today, until Monday, I will be gone for a while, because I’ll be attending the fourth year retreat of my dearest section, Yakal which will last for three days. Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

During my absence, I don’t think that there’s anyone who will replace my position on the blog, and I doubt that there’s a need for any temporary replacement, since it’s only a three day absence. I’m looking forward to having a good time with my classmates and to know more about them during our retreat, I’m also pretty much excited but tensed as well about the letters that I will be receiving. I know that there will be a couple of incoming ones, I just don’t know how manny or how less those are.

So, until then, let me announce a short hiatus on my personal blog and wish me all the best in finding inner me and understanding my classmates better during our three day retreat. Let’s hope that this PWC managed event will be kicking off and going on much better than the latter ones.

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Programming Contest – Visual Basic, pre-post

The contest is still a mile ahead and scheduled for this Monday, but I’m obviously excited on what will be going on and what the contest will be all about. During the past couple of Computer Education Sessions, I’ve managed to handle things quite cool and fast, and if not mistaken, managed to finish first and still take the full percentage from the hands-on assignments, seat works and examinations.

But can I keep my mind on the contest or will something else mind bugging catch all my attention that day?

For all that I know about the contest is that it’ll be one wherein skills in Visual Basic will be put to test, and I’m in honest need to reassert myself in Visual Basic Usage because it’s quite some time now since the last Computer Session that I had in school.

I want to make the total upset come true, I might be in the fourth and “the said to be” doomed last section of the Philippine Women’s College of Davao fourth year, but who said that we are the least competing one in terms of Computer knowledge?

Well, how I wish that someone in school would come to appreciate my online achievements aside the programs and tasks that I have and will accomplish in school.