Take It Away

This poem that you are about to read has been written by me way back in the year 2006, but failed to glance and shine during that time, since poems like Asleep and other works just were too bright to make this nice piece an noticeable masterwork.

I’m about to present you a poem from the Realism season that talks about: (what else do you think, huh?!) Love from the deepest poignant point of view, as someone keeps on begging his/her beloved.. to Take It Away..

Take It Away

I’ve been wondering through this world
Withour you at my side
I’ve got wounded just through words
And now i cry, every night…

I really really love you
You just don’t know how much i do
I am so hurt all through
But baby please don’t let me go…

I will love you ’till the day i die
But baby please don’t say a lie
For you’re the reason why i live
I don’t care of you won’t believe…

Can you take off all my pain?
Can you free me fron this feeling?
Baby please come again
Your love is my only healing…

Did i ever touched your heart?
Or am i from it too far?
Baby you’ve been my dearest part
Until now, you still are…

Baby please take it away
For you’re the sunshine of my day
Take it away from me my baby
And say that you do believe me…

Take it away i beg yiou…
Take the pain from my shoulder
Free me ’till the truth shines through
And says that i was meant for
Loving You…

Dedicated to: Marbie
Written by: Kevin Paquet

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