I guess it’s about time I’ve found my way back into writing something. I’ve literally spent the last couple of days doing pretty much nothing. It felt like I had another burn out. Why? I don’t know.

There are a lot of things that I am very excited about right now. Lots in store for the coming weeks! There is so much to write about and I’ll see it to it that with the help of iA Writer and ByWord, I manage to ease the load I’m carrying. *I’ve got so many pending articles at the moment*. This post isn’t even one of them.

I spent the last two days fiddling with my iPod touch (4G) and watching UEFA Champions League matches. My body feels kinda empty at the moment and begs for a bed – but there is none in sight right now. I have to get going and write. I want to love writing again, but words just don’t want to love me back.

## Cydia found it’s way to my iTouch

Speaking about fiddling with my iPod touch: I have finally decided to jailbreak it – and as it stands, the jailbreak went fairly well. The only few bumps came up when I tried add some sources which didn’t went too well. Fancy I had to wait until last night ’til I was able to add my sources and install packages of my liking.

The best thing yet to happen to any of my iOS devices took place last night – gsPhone for iPhone/iPod touch was installed flawlessly. I even got my Pokemon Leaf Green on it with all the saved data that I was playing with here on my Mac.

### Mac + VMWARE + Windows 7 + Visual Boy Advance = Pokemon LOL!

It might sound crazy, but I installed Windows via VMWare Fusion on this Mac just to play Gameboy Advance games. Yes, I know that there are alternatives for the Mac, but I just feel at home playing classics like *Pokemon* from a Windows point of view, plus, the Visual Boy Advance for Mac is no longer supported on Lion – not to forget the turbo mode feature.

### Messi beats the hell out of Leverkusen

I have pretty much enjoyed myself the past days to my hearts content, let alone that disturbing 7-1 defeat of Leverkusen at the hands of mighty mouse Messi and Barcelona which spoiled my day. Disturbing, because I’m an avid follower of, no, not Leverkusen, but the Bundesliga in general and it sucks to get beaten by such a margin.

I’ll be working on my other articles after this one, don’t worry – I won’t forever bug you with nonsense like these.

## Things to write about:

– NatGeo: *Inside Malacañang*
– Globe: *Run4Home*
– Mulat Pinoy: *Social Networth Workshop part 2 & 3*
– Introductory post on http://coolintongue.com **must visit**
-Post about *Amber Lily*
– Cebu City: *San Remigio Beach Club*

> Of course, there are many more articles *that may not be so notable for you* that I have to write about. These are just some bullets that I believe might be of interest for you. Just in case any of them did catch your attention, stay tuned and watch out for them to be published at http://pinoyteens.net

As you can see, I still have a very busy afternoon ahead of me, and I just can’t help but write random things like these to set the tone. Random scraps like this post help me in getting myself warmed up for a writing-marathon so to say.