The Awakening

What are friends for? Friends are there to help each other, and, I am very happy and proud that I still have a few who truly stand along my side through all odds, positive and negative. I’m glad that I’ve come to meet at least a couple of people like that, who won’t leave you in times of sorrow, who won’t let you slip away when someone greater comes along.

Exactly how I felt for those friends that I have met, was, what I have exactly felt for my lover and friend, Lica. She has been everything that I knew in the past couple of months, the only angelic voice that lingers through my ears in the morning, the only girl who was able to label up a smile upon my face, the one who caught my heart from all its angles, and then I’ve suddenly fallen.

But I have to admit yet again, that I did a mistake that is very hard to forgive, I have done something that cannot easily be forgotten, something that is very painful for her part, and now for mine too.

The awakening has called upon me, and here I am with open eyes again. I’ve come to realize the mistake I committed, but it appears to be just too late to take it back.

Oh, how I wish that there would be one way, one very way to turn back time and skip the evil deed I’ve done, I’d most likely do everything and anything just to be able to hear her say again: I Love You..

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