It felt like I have been hit by a thunder. Ideas rushed through my mind, it was hard to concentrate on one or another, and that was exactly the point of it. I have blogged way too much about one specific thing or another and it always concerned me if blogging about something totally irrelevant to an earlier article might be bothering for my readers to read, or actually something nice. It made me realize that I should loosen up a bit on the one-niche blogging discipline that I have used on a few of my ghost blogs. This is also something that I will apply to a blog that I’ll be presenting to you soon. Like I have told you since forever, it’s the return of the come back of one of the hottest youth blogger of 2008!

It’s a blog with a blogger who’s blogging.

It is obvious. But there are a few people who consider themselves as bloggers but are not actually blogging. It is hard to explain, and it might spark a debate so I leave it by just that. I’ll be starting a new blog which will have the same blog title like I have written above in H2 headers! Sounds funny and catchy? I hope it is!

I have quiet some following on EntreCards already, and it’s been about two months that I have altered my drop list. Some have even started accusing me of Ghost dropping, but I’m sorry, that ain’t happen here with me. I’m spending around 2-3 hours everyday to drop on your cards, but with a little help from a few contributors of Pinoy Teens I might even start leaving comments on a few of the most loyal and most interesting blogs soon! A lot of things are trying to compete with my time, you know. Like playing FIFA, DotA, and whatnot. lol.

What will the BBB blog be all about?

I’m giving blogging about blogging another try. A little more fancier and with a little more confidence and passion. I used to write well about blogging in a pretty distant past, and I’ll try to be just that kind of a writer again with the new project that I’ll be rolling out very soon. I will follow a very specific schedule on which specific posts are going to be published, like such as. Money Monday, or WordPress Wednesday. It’ll be a fun and creative way to write and share my knowledge about WordPress, blogging and making money through the new upcoming blog of mine.

I hope that all of you are going to follow it, and I hope that you’ll be actually reading it once it gets online. Remember, you’ve read it first, here on Me.PinoyTeens.Net! :p