The Geeky Sunday

Just a few hours ago, two blogging friends of mine dropped by at my house for an afternoon of adventure to the darkest and tempest midst of WordPress and SEO. Charles, who was the mastermind of this mini-meet, has asked help to tweak around his themes on some of his sites, while Patrik, a true blue atenean, accompanied us along. Completing the trio for the afternoon.

There isn’t much to share, because we haven’t talked that much about anything useful, but my father, who kept on bombarding Charles with gossips of all kinds, present and past issues and even beyond that context. Before the little mini-meet, I was quite tensed, because a lot of people where on the tentative list of attendees, Lyle, Brendel, Ghenessa, Miah and Ara. Yet only two among all of those listed have made it, just as mentioned above.

I was worried about food, because I had nothing to offer them, since I was unable to grab some goodies the other day because I was totally not in right status, mentally, physically and simply from every aspect. How would you feel after taking down 5 cups of Gilbeys Gin with a minimal amount of Grape Juice and 2 cups of pure Gilbey’s Gin? I had such an hangover that even lasts until the present moment I’m writing this post.

We had all much in common, and had a couple of interesting topics to discuss (anu ba talaga, nonsense or interesting? hehe) including the issue of Conrad Miguel’s Infamous Feedburner Subscriber Count (which someone has said to be true daw kunuhay!), which isn’t 133K at the moment, but just small 133 subscribers.

Next we moved on, differentiating WordPress from Blogspot (I really hate blogspot) and WordPress.Com from WordPress.Org since a couple of casual missunderstandings came up, like for example. Why adsense isn’t allowed on WordPress, wherein Patrik refered to WordPress in general, while we all good know that only WordPress.Com is the culprit that doesn’t allow own advertisments or any JavaScript at all.

Anyways, I’d like to round up a few things that went on the past couple of hours, including the following per detail. Friendster has been down for quite some time already and it’s slowly starting recovering, thus with a text rumor being spread rapidly throughout the Philippines and maybe through other countries where it is totally hip as well.

From Pinoy Teens, to Buhay Kabataan, yet finally ending up with; the search for the most suitable domain name for my future blogging career is setup and running, and that even with a new host which I’ll tell you more about soon.

Criselda Volks keeps the traffic coming on all websites who have posted about it, most especially on our networks. There is even much more to tell, but hey, stay tuned for more updates and new blog posts, even among blog networks that were assumed dead for the meanwhile, Poetic Notes is next on the list to be updated.

Lastly, thank you for reading and maybe leaving a comment? 🙂

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