The Negative Forecast

I just finished watching an interesting video article regarding wordpress 2.5 and some other issues about wordpress. It was very enjoyable to watch, and I even came to donate a dollar to it :p XD But, that’s not the point of my post (but I highly recommend all wordpress fanatic to check it out, if you haven’t done that yet).
Besides that interesting vlog post about WP 2.5 with Matt and the other crew, there has been one article that contains 45 blogging tips that are useful just for everybody, which has inspired me a lot; which is actually the main reason, why I am now concentrating on tweaking the grounds of Pinoy Teens!

Now, to the epicenter of this post, the tragic forecast I’m giving myself and my sites. Just a while ago, I checked on the incoming links (backlinks) for Pinoy Teens and Kevin Paquet. The result? Pain to my eyes, and a lot, lot, lot of headache I just don’t know how to deal with.

Indeed, Pinoy Teens has a lot of back links, but only VERY FEW OF THEM with quality, it’s really disappointing, isn’t it? But the show must go on. As well as Kevin Paquet has received only a very few high quality back links, but at least it got some.

There has been a conflict going on with me and one of my forum members, about an unsolved issue (which was solved from my point of view already a long time ago), and the forum activity is quiet low, while at the other hand, my personal blog is dropping too now, on comments, but the traffic? Ever so high, as today is the peak of my unique visitors at a huge 500 visitors.

I wonder if, there would be any positive event taking place. πŸ™ I doubt so, since the activity has rapidly declined yet again, within the past 12 hours. Only good, I can start campaigning around the other forums and might twist one or two to come and register on Pinoy Teens, but well, that’s another issue for now.

The issue I am currently dealing with, is fixing up the Pinoy Teen mess, since the blog is very messed up, besides that there are only a very few contributors, the blog hasn’t been yet optimized for high traffic, but now πŸ™‚ I worked on that starting 4AM until 6AM this morning, and the outcome is kinda good. Let’s hope that it really can prove itself as digg proof.

This is the 99th post on my blog, woa, haven’t thought that it would last that long out there, and it’ll remain by this, co-temporarily, since I will be switching some objectives over to Pinoy Teens, since maintaining the PR 3 is very vital, for my continuous online career, and the future of Pinoy Teens Online.

In other words, I cannot promise to keep this blog updated everyday, but each time I bump on a very interesting item, I will share it right away, don’t worry about that!

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