The Raffle has been drawn

Just a couple of minutes ago, I have randomized all my subscriber’s email address on a random list script. After adding it there, I have eliminated all entries starting from 51 and above, which leave 50 raffle participants for the bout. The number decreased to 40, 30, 25, 21, 17, and then to 15. Left where people who where all worth the domain contest, because they where active commentors on the blog too, but really, all of the subscribers deserve the win anyway, but I just can’t give each and everyone of them a prize, can I?

Now, with the 15 left, the count decreased to 13, 11 and then to 10. Starting at 10 I have eliminated the last number of each round. Getting closer to the final 3 entries of the domain raffle competition that I was hosting on Pinoy Teens Online. Filipino in Canada, Deds for Life and SassyHai where the 3 lucky people left, but there must’ve been 1 unfortunate amongs them who has to kiss goodbye to the domain name for this months competition.

After waiting for a while, I then pressed the final button, the winners in order are

  • SassyHai
  • Deds Forlife

I was able to contact one of them already for his desired username, whilst I was unable to gain contact with the 2nd one.

I’d like to thank everyone who has participated in the domain name competition that I was hosting on Pinoy Teens Online. Please stay subscribed, more competitions are coming up, your way anytime soon. Especially for the 1st year anniversary of Pinoy Teens Online in this month of June.

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