I have been an online faliure althrough out the months of developing websites and writing blogs, and it’s time to move on from one stage to another once again. Pinoy Teens Online was a time in my life where I learned to feel happy and sad at the same time, for various of reasons. It was the time when I met success and failure, fame and shame, wins and losses and it’s time to say goodbye to this stage of my life to move on to a hopefuilly better one.

In the past couple of months, I used to be a Stats Curious blogger, and one of the sayings that I followed in the past was, “when my post doesn’t have any comments, then it’s a nonsense post”. But is this really true up-to-date?

I moved on from that statement and am trying to fit myself to a kind of blogger who blogs because it’s his passion, because he wants to blog and not because he wants to be famous or wants just to squeeze every cent possible out of his website. It’s hard to adjust will all these problems from the academic field to the personal issues bashing me, but let’s see if I can manage this transition.

Page Rank has always been a top issue for me, and so has been the sky-rocketing alexa rank of Pinoy Teens in the past couple of months, it’s time to throw away these basis and stick to the words that I posted somewhere that say:

A site may have high traffic, high page rank, a huge comment volume, but as long as the Admin isn’t happy with what he’s doing, the site is incomplete.

With these few words coming out of my mind and fingers, I’d like to introduce you and welcome you to the new stage of my life, the new website (launching earlier than expected) that I have recently launched, with new objectives, hopes and missions, Buhay Kabataan Online. The Life of a Student Blogger and more…

The people who used to aid me through with Pinoy Teens Online are still the same nice people with whom I paired up for Buhay Kabataan. Our aim this time is to provide better content that everyone will enjoy, write posts that everyone can make use of and to shine among the blogs of the Philippine Blogoshpere and stand out from the crowd in a very own unique way.

There’s much yet to come and I’ve got to get my ass back to work, so ’til then!