The Violin Star

I just checked out my free reviews thread that I am conducting on one of my favorite forums, which let’s you earn domains for posting, –no paypal nor any payment required, just pure posting and member created incentives will help you earn a domain name for totally free-. And I see a huge line of 3-5 sites requesting a free review from me to help them out with their back links. Well, let’s start with the site stated on the title of this post.

Violin Star [dot] Net is a site that is runned and owned by one of my friends over on the said forum, it contains a lot of personal stuff, some of her collectibles he gathered, an currently worked on portfolio (and for me most importantly) a free web hosting service for those in need.

I checked on the server status for a while, and the uptime appears to be pretty reliable for a free hosting service given from the said site 🙂 Go, check it out, there’s something in store for you, maybe!

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