Theme Problems?!

I don’t know why this is happening, all I know is that it does. Frequently, this personal blog of mine shows up up with the default theme errr… I wonder what is causing this? Wrong CHMODE of files? The One-Click-Installer? Maybe a broken plugin among the few? And, if it’s a plugin, why it’s only happening here? Nah, I wish this issue will be fixed soon, I’m really not feeling comfortable when I’m away from the computer, knowing that anytime my blogs beautiful theme would suddenly reset to it’s ugly empty default template.

I’m not saying that the default theme is not good, of course it is; every single code on wordpress is wonderful, it’s just that, I cannot take it, that I keep on looking and looking for a suitable theme for my personal blog, found one, optimized it, until later I’ll find out that it just doesn’t works @[email protected]

Are you having any strange experiences with your themes?

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