Thermos Food Fest @ North Zen Basic Spaces

Pinoy Teens attended the Thermos Food Fest at North Zen Basic Spaces last December 6, 2011. The Thermos Food Fest gave attendees the opportunity to learn various affordable yet tasty recipes for Christmas, while introducing the new Genuine Thermos Brand Cookware.

The Chef who accommodated the audience was no other than Niño Laus.

Aside from the delicious food that was presented to us and how we could DIY in our homes this Christmas season, the real star of the afternoon was the new lineup of Thermos Cookware!

I really thought that Thermos was all about Thermal Containers for beverages and food, but their product lineup has become so extensive that you can now cook using the Genuine Thermos Brand Cookware!

Advantages of Thermos Cookware

The Genuine Thermos Brand Cookware may come with a hefty price tag at first look, but you’ll later on realize that it’s actually pretty reasonable. You don’t get high quality products for free, you know 😀

Thermos Cookware come along with a lot of great advantages with includes but is not limited to the following:

Thermal Cookware is basically a slow cooker or crock-pot that doesn’t need any electricity or the like and it has many advantages, especially for people who are camping, caravanning or four wheel driving. One big advantage is that you use a lot less gas, and with wood fires becoming harder and harder to use because of fire restrictions imposed by national parks, reserves or councils, campers find themselves cooking more and more on the gas stovetop. And it’s not always easy to just drop into the nearest gas refill store or garage and get the gas bottle topped up or exchanged.

For more information and updates about The Genuine Thermos Brand Cookware or other products, follow them on Twitter. If you’d like to see some demo videos yourself, refer to this link.

Photos, as always courtesy of: The Traveling Nomad

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