This Morning ain’t worse?

Today, is one of the worse days that I am having this year and in my whole life. I can barely understand myself, nor can I understand the people who are around me. Feel confused, out of place, lost. Like there’s a huge gap in between me and the whole big wide world.

Apparently, some know about this problem already and some don’t, well, I won’t discuss about it anymore. Besides that, there are also a couple of other things that keep on bothering me ’til this very second, like my headache for example, which keeps on chasing me down, and look; I’m feeling so sleepy.

Today is supposed to be fiesta day here at a nearby Division of our Barangay, and I am supposed to be there right now, even a couple of hours ago, but like I said, my headache hinders me to attend, but I’ll visit there later.

What is surprising me is the fact there hasn’t been many votes casted yet on my Candy Mag blog LOL, I was scared of visiting my blog awards profile seeing a big null, but I didn’t, instead I’ve got votes that ran beyond the expectation mark of mine, and what I really have thought this blog to worth it.

What else could I add on? Well, this day is really not meant to be mine, and this day really sucks…

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