Top 3 Theme Songs Week 1

If last time, I have counted down 5 of the most tear jerking songs (from my point of view). This time, I will enumarate 3 of the most touching love songs or theme songs that suit to just every couple out there, but aren’t quiet known songs.

So, do not wonder if the songs that I will be counting here are not known, but take some time and listen to the song. You can listen to the song by simply clicking the little speaker-like image beside the † symbol. Just be a little bit patience because Poetic Notes is running on a shared host :p

I’m sorry for all my beloved readers from outside the Philippines with no Filipino connection, because the first song that I will be introducing to you is a Tagalog Song, sung by the Philippine Prince of Pop and Star In A Million Grand Champion, Erik Santos. The song that I am about to present comes from his 2nd Album, Loving You Now, it’s track #7; a song that has never been released to be played on air but got some airing time during a TeleSerie a couple of years back. The song is entitled, Because You Are The Only One I Love, or let’s say in Tagalog: Dahil Ikaw Lang Ang Mahal

Dahil Ikaw Lang Ang Mahal – Erik Santos

Good News, the next song that I will be sharing is universal, and can be understood by most likely everyone since it is a English Song. This song is sang by Rival Christian Bautista, and is also a cut from his respective 2nd Album labeled as Completely. And just like the Name of the Album, is the name of the song, Completely.

Completely – Christian Bautista

No doubt that the choices are hard to make, but I have come to a conclusion for all this, the next song comes from the famous group named MYMP which stands for Make Your Momma Proud, Juris and Chin. This two have come up with a lot of beautiful songs, a lot of remakes to be more specifict, and here’s yet another lovely one which is entitled, Last Chance.

Last Chance – MYMP

There you have it guys, the first batch of Theme Songs that I have come up with, I hope you have enjoyed the list and enjoyed listening to these lovely songs that I am here presenting you. Join me next week as I will count down again, a couple more beautiful songs that every couple out there just ought to have as their theme!

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