Top 5 Heartbreakers Week 1

Within this post, I will be enlisting 5 of the most touching songs, 5 heartbreakers that would surely touch a lot of you. These 5 songs, have been part of my life all through out the years. But before anything else, I am sad to say that included are a couple of Tagalog songs, which not everyone may understand.
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Yet anyway, let’s get it on.

The first song that I have in store for everybody is an Tagalog Song, sung by a Local Boy Band from the Unibersidad ng Santo Tomas or University of Saint Thomas (UST). This very band was able to claim the title as rookie of the year in 2007 at the Myx Music Awards, but turned to be a big miss in this years awarding. But, besides their said failure, this song has been known all-year long, sung by millions, enjoyed by most likely everyone in the archipelago. As this very song itself, has turned out to be the Song of the Year on variety of Radio Stations.

Can you guess the song or the band already? Well, if you thought about Calla Lily, then you are correct!

Calla Lily – Magbalik

Moving on with the 4th most heartaching song, fom the voice of one of the hippest boy bands in the Philippines, let’s proceed to the sentimental side, and take flight with her beautiful voice and be captivated by each single line, as it is time to move on.

Sarah Geronimo – Time To Move On

When was the last time someone told you that he/she would love you forever, but at the end he/she has left you behind, all alone. It’s not bad to keep on hoping, praying and wishing for that person to come back, nor am I recommending that. But; the next song from the Philippine Prince of Pop discusses about stuff, like: Goodbye is Not Forever

Erik Santos – Goodbye`s Not Forever

Three down, 2 more to go. The upcoming is painful, totally, from my point of view, as this one has been personally dedicated to me, by someone, but I’m over that hurdle already, so, I have had decided to include this in this weeks Top 5 Heartbreakers.

Vanessa Anne Hudgens – Gotta Go My Own Way

The next song and the last for this week is from a boy band again, don’t worry, it’s not the one mentioned above, but yet another one. One of my favorites :p The following band is a group of six, brain stroming every single chord of their songs, and they’ve got to tell you something, they have something to admit, or let’s say in tagalog: Aaminin.

Six Cycle Mind – Aaminin

And that concluded the Weekly Top 5 Heartbreakers for the first week. I will try to make this on a weekly basis for everyone of you to enjoy. The songs are personally picked nad have no relation to media or any other factor, but my personal choice alone. But, if you have any song that you would like to suggest, the comments are open, and I’d be glad to hear from you!

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