TWO The Skye!

Dear Diary,
indeed you may have come to notice a vast spelling error in my title, but I did that intentionally.
Just, as a sign of the joyful feelings I have inside right now, as my poignant wait for a “yes” from Alica Kria is over. It did not ended negatively with a “no”. But as I hoped, along with the 15 and more people I have texted regarding my courting issue who were also in cue to hear a positive response was indeed a hopeful hope, that had come true.
As I, hereby cherish this 2nd day of March, 2008. As yet another day to remember, another special event that had taken place in my life and in her`s. Which means, that there’s not only a eleventh to cheer about, but a 2nd day too.
I love you.. Alica Kria.. My Chedie…

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