Unexpected Downtime and more

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Unexpected Downtime and more..
Hey everyone,
It’s me again checking in for some updates about me and my sites and everythig else in general.
As a lot of you may have noticed, the website pinoyteens.net and all other sites of mine have been down for a quiet long time, which isn’t really good; I suppose.
But the sacrifice of a couple of hours offline was a vital process, because all my sites now have been migrated to a new server and a new IP address.
So, by now, as you are reading this, everything should be alright. By the way, I’m writing this exactly at 10:01 PM 4/29/2008, via my local notepad.

Since yesterday, the 28th of April, around 8PM at the evening, I have lost my internet connection, until this very moment I am writing this one, for a reason I can’t find a valid answer. Well, that’s life. Sometimes it sucks, and sometimes it really sucks, just like now. Because, besides having no internet, my websites are all down; I’ve tried to connect to my sites via a nearby internet cafe some hours ago as I received the bad news about what has happened.

So, I’d like to say sorry and wish to apologize to all my friends, link affies and commentors on all of my sites for the delay of adding you to my blog roll and commenting back on you, as I am still not able to do so at this very moment, because I have lots to update and lots to blog about, the Pinoy Teens blog is totally un-updated regarding the latest happenings inside the big brother house, and my emails are stormed by applications for guest post on my poetry blog, etc. I still have to get my ass on those things.

A little plan that I have in mind for the next couple of weeks is the move to a private server, yes, a virtual private server, which will cost me 20 US Dollar a Month, it’s quiet expensive but worth it, since I wish to target a higher amount of visitors and some more extensive websites. As the development for a new discussion forum is ongoing, which I hope, will finally get some success, unlike the Pasaway Family and the Pinoy Teens Board.

Watch out for these and more in the upcoming days, I will keep you posted about the latest this and that anytime soon, thank you very much for everyone who has anticipated my come back, thanks for everyone who has anticipated my respond to the link exchange request I’ve scattered throughout the Filipino Blogosphere, and thanks to everyone who has commented on my blog, and have reviewed it via CandyMags Review Thread, I’ll respond to all your kindness very soon.

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